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Marijuana should be legal for all to use. By keeping marijuana illegal we fail to realize the tax windfall of one of the world's most useful sources of medicine, fiber, plastic, and fuel. Cannabis is prohibited for corrupt reasons that have nothing to do with health and safety. Check out the Good Drug Guide - Cannabis to learn about Harry J. Anslinger the first drug warrior and get a free email address. Amsterdam has had a quasi-legal and regulated marijuana industry for decades and all the FUD today's prohibitionists spew out is simply disproven. They complain about the kids (yet today's kids are getting forced vaccines, eating garbage, drinking soda, are obese, etc) and they complain irrationaly about people driving while high. Not only are the same people driving while high now going to drive while high when legal, Amsterdam has never had issues with this and if it was such a big issue I'd picture it not being allowed in Holland.

Growing marijuana is a blessing. To see your little baby girls grow up into healthy strong plants is a rich fulfilling experience. We're supporting Issue 3 in Ohio to legalize marijuana. Today NORML just put out a Facebook share of an article from called "A second look at Ohio why it's worth supporting". The same problems that happened with California's Proposition 19 are attacking Issue 3. Every time legalization hits the ballot we see the same trend. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt from black market lovers, prohibitionists, and police. What's more interesting is that the banking organization of Ohio is against it.

We don't understand why banks would be against marijuana business, not that anyone cares but with marijuana being such a huge industry, the banks are losing out on valuable customers by being forbidden to serve these customers. If I were a bank CEO I would be in support of legalization as well because more accounts are more business for the bank.

Anyways, here are a few good resouces for marijuana throughout the world.
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